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The new bordercraft

A new beginning

Minelands is the new Borderlands styled texture pack for Minecraft.
Designed from scratch for the latest version of the game, Minelands will change the way you see Minecraft.

High quality

Faithful to the Borderlands art style, Minelands combines hand drawn shapes with semi realistic textures.
All of this while keeping the original feel of Minecraft in all its beauty through a familiar color palette.

Coming soon: Shader support

Minelands lets you take advantage of the latest technology: a new hand crafted, labPBR compliant, PTGI compatible mapping for an exclusive gaming experience.

Truly hand made

Each texture starts hand drawn on paper: the drawing and inking process is handled by Giulio Bosio.
It is then scanned, cleaned up, and manually colorized and shaded line by line.
An entirely manual process that ensures the best rendition and quality.

Choose your pack

Release 01

Minelands Lite

the starter pack

  • 128x texture resolution
  • -
  • -

Coming soon

Minelands Full

the complete experience

  • up to 2048x texture resolution
  • PBR shaders support
  • Optifine features
Coming soon


To ensure the most immersive visual experience, BSL shaders are highly recommended: download them here.

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About the style

A quick note: this pack is Borderlands styled, not Borderlands themed.
That means that you won't see Borderlands weapons and characters from the Borderlands game ported into Minecraft.
Instead, you will see Minecraft items adapted using the Borderlands style.
In fact this pack follows one of the Borderlands workflows.


Original drawings: Giulio Bosio
Colorization and mapping: Matteo Rizzo
Screenshots: matrist (Twitter)
Shaders: Capt Tatsu (BSL)