Vanilla, stylized

Made for gameplay

Most texture packs look good in carefully orchestrated screenshots, but what about actually playing the game with those?
Most of the time you can’t recognize which blocks are in front of you!

Pastello solves that with simple yet feature packed textures that do not compromise usability for looks.

Advanced materials

Take the Pastello experience to RTX levels with physically accurate reflections. Add a layer of tridimensionality with crisp normal maps and immersive Parallax Occlusion Mapping.

Pastello is fully compatible with SEUS PTGI and follows the latest labPBR standards to the fullest.

Take advantage of the latest technology in your system with a new hand crafted, labPBR compliant, PTGI compatible mapping for an exclusive gaming experience.

Classic approach

Pastello is the result of years of experience in crafting Minecraft texture packs.

As with any Matteo Rizzo pack, Pastello keeps the original feel of Minecraft in all its beauty through a familiar color palette so you can focus on enjoying the game.


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