This is a quick summary of some important points - the full Terms still apply though. If you are okay with those points, this summary is enough for you. Otherwise, I recommend you to read the full terms.


Terms: the Terms of Use available in the Terms section.
Digital Product: any digital product available on this website.
Website: any content under the domain matteorizzo.com.

In short

The Digital Products provided on this website are only for personal use by the downloader. You are not allowed to redistribute my work, like uploading it elsewhere: that’s called Copyright Infringement, and it’s disrespectful of the efforts I put into my work. Do the right thing. Thank you.

These Terms apply to every Product available through this website. By downloading any Digital Product from this website, you agree with these Terms:

If you do not agree with one or more of the Terms, do not download and/or use any of my Products.


You are allowed to:

You are not allowed to:



1.1 By using any Digital Product on this website, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) and any product specific term.

1.2 These Terms of Use (together with any relevant documents referred to in them) set out the Terms on which I supply any of the Products available through this website to you (the “Digital Products” or “Products”).


2.1 By placing an order for any Digital Product through the website, you warrant that:

2.1.1 You are legally capable of entering into contracts;

2.1.2 You are at least 16 years old;

2.1.3 You will not copy, distribute or share any Digital Product.

2.1.4 You agree to provide truthful, complete and accurate details. You agree to provide your details only. You are responsible for all the orders placed using your account details.


3.1 Any Digital Product available through this website is protected by Copyright.

3.2 Upon payment for any Digital Product you are granted a non exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Digital Product with these terms.

3.3 You agree that you will not redistribute, transmit, sell, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, sub-license or transfer any Digital Products available through this website in any way. Nothing in these terms grants to you any rights other than those expressly set out herein. These terms do not grant to you any rights in relation to the synchronisation, promotional use, commercial sale, resale, reproduction, distribution or commercial exploitation of any Digital Product.

3.4 I will be entitled to obtain injunctive relief against you, in addition to all other remedies that I may have, to enforce these terms and to prevent your unauthorised use of the Digital Products available through this website.

3.5 Digital Products can be downloaded to and stored on the hard drive of your computer only. You must adhere to any and all usage restrictions that apply to the Digital Product as set out in the product license agreement.

3.6 You agree to not attempt to remove any eventual watermark or circumvent any security technology in any way.


4.1 In order to access and download any Digital Product you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for ensuring that any hardware you use to download and/or use Digital Products functions correctly.

4.2 You acknowledge that due to their nature, any Digital Product (including format of files and downloading software) and the system requirements may change from time to time.


5.1 The price of any Digital Product will be as quoted on the website at the current time, except in the case of obvious error. Any offers for Digital Products other than at the current price will not be considered.

5.2 The price of any Digital Product can vary from time to time, and changes may affect previous orders.

5.3 By providing the details of a credit or debit card or a payment account, you confirm that you are the holder of the credit or debit card or of the relevant payment account or are expressly authorised to use such to purchase any of the Digital Products.


6.0 If you’re unsure whether or not buying a Digital Product, try the free version before placing the order.

6.1 I take great care in providing my Digital Products. If something doesn’t work as described on the website, make sure to follow the appropriate help section.

6.2 You may not cancel any order for any Digital Product once it has been made available for download. Each purchase of a download shall be deemed a final, non-exchangeable, non-refundable sale.

6.3 Whenever you ask for a refund, your download link is automatically blocked by the store and the attached Product will become unusable.

6.4 Regardless the result of the dispute, you will not receive any further updates of the Digital Product.


7.1 I warrant to you that any Digital Product purchased through this website is of satisfactory quality and reasonable fit for the purpose for which products of the same kind are commonly supplied. I do not make any other promises or warranties about any of my Digital Products.

7.2 You agree that you will respect any decision regarding my Digital Products, such as, but not limited to, removing any Digital Product from this website, suspending or terminating your access to any Digital Product (including by way of purchase) through this website.

7.3 These terms and conditions may change from time to time.

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