Literally just read this, it answers all that kiddos questions


Hey, you changed the store, how do I download the pack I already purchased?

Here’s how it works:

But I lost the download email!

If you lost the email with the link, send me a short email specifying your email address.

I don’t have PayPal or a credit card. Can I pay you otherwise?

Nope. The store only supports those.

How do I convert my currency into euros?

Currency conversion is handled by the payment processor system. You don’t have to do anything.


The texture pack is detected as a malware, what did you do?

Modern browsers prevent downloads from websites containing potentially harmful ads.
Most of the time, that’s great. But sometimes, this happens to intentional downloads.

So, how do I know if what I downloaded is safe?

As soon as the downloaded file is named, then you’re safe.
The xx stand for versions, which may change over time.

If you get some .exe file, delete it immediately: it’s not something I made.

I inserted the wrong email for the download!

Proceed as follows:

shader packs

Which shader pack do I need to use?

The one linked in the tutorial.

Can I use a different shader pack other than the one you suggest?

The short answer is no.
If you want to match the results you see in the screenshots, use the shader pack linked in the tutorial.
Different shader packs interpret mapping differently and affect the final look of the pack.
If you prefer a different look, that’s up to you: feel free to experiment.


Where do I put the pack?

The texture pack goes in the resourcepacks folders. The shader pack goes in the shaderpacks folder.
You can access the following folders by clicking on the buttons in the settings.

The pack is marked as incompatible, how do I load it?

You can load it by skipping the message as show in the tutorial.

But why is that?

The pack is displayed as incompatible because, technically, it is: on purpose.

From 1.8 to 1.12, everything inside Minecraft texture packs is the same, except for one detail: the pack_format.
The pack_format can be:

Using the latest pack_format version number would make the pack invisible to previous versions.
To expand the pack compatibility, I use the 1.8 pack_format: this way more people can use the pack.
The latest version can still see older pack formats, while displaying an error that can be dismissed.


The texture pack doesn’t load in the game.

Most of the times it’s a RAM problem. Allow more RAM to the game.

All the blocks are white and green.

Allow more RAM to the game.

The blocks are divided by some strange lines.

In the shader pack settings, set the texture resolution to match the pack resolution.

The mapping looks too deep / too flat, how do I control its depth?

Use the POM_Depth setting to change it to your desire.

The mapping looks quite flat indoor and at night.

That’s an issue with how shader packs read mapping through light sources.
Light sources like torches, glowstone and fire are not used to calculate mapping: only the sun and the moon.
That’s why the mapping doesn’t work well indoor or at night: I can’t control that.


Can I use your pack in a video?

Of course yes. Make sure you use the following credits:
Realistico texture pack by Matteo Rizzo,

Can I make commercial use of what you have done?

Do not make commercial use of anything I’ve made without my permission.
This includes linking to my website using services such as


Is Realistico compatible with not-so-powerful machines?

Probably not. Use it at your own risk. That means, your purchase is not eligible by a refund.

Can you make a mobile version of the pack?

As of now, there are no real shaders for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
If you would like to see Realistico on Bedrock, vote the feedback linked in this post.

general questions

How do I log in?

No need to sign up for accounts: the only thing you need is the email I sent you at the time of the purchase.
If you signed up for a Sellfy or Gumroad account, and the only thing you need to access is Realistico, you can safely delete those accounts. Just keep the download email in your inbox.

Is it compatible with other mods?

Yes, just like any other texture pack.

Will you add texture support for mods?

I won’t add textures for other mods: my priority is to complete the pack.

Will you add items?

Items won’t be added: they are displayed so small you wouldn’t even notice a difference while playing.


Are future updates included?

Running this project is getting more and more expensive as time passes.
Because of that, I’ll change my pricing structure later this year to keep working on the pack.

How do I know when an update is released?

Updates are sent to your email automatically.

With which version is compatible?

My texture packs are compatible up to the latest release.
If an error message is displayed, check the tutorial for help.

dumb questions

Do I need a shader pack to use Realistico?

Of course.

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